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Ylang Ylang and Sage

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Introducing "Ylang Ylang and Sage" soap, a luxurious bathing experience crafted with the finest essential oils and natural ingredients. This exquisite soap combines the captivating scents of Clary sage, Ylang ylang, and patchouli to create a harmonious and soothing aroma that will transport you to a serene oasis. This is a harmonious blend of essential oils, creamy lather, delicate soap roses, and a touch of nature's beauty. Nature's own palette lends a gentle blush to this soap with rose clay for added skin benefits.

Ingredients: Olive oil; Water; Coconut oil; Palm oil; Palm kernel oil; Castor oil; Apricot kernel oil; Shea butter; Canola oil; "Essential oil blend"; Sodium Lactate; Mica; Rose clay; Glycerin; Vitamin e acetate.

Approx. 150g per bar. These are handmade soaps so the weight may vary.

Keep the soap dry in between use.

Made in small batches, handcrafted & formulated in Constantia, Cape Town.

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