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Fine handcrafted artisan soap bar made with pure aroma therapeutic ingredients.

The classic goat milk, oat & honey soap with a penetrating scrub and an almond twist. A delightful ending to a busy day. Let the soap oils melt in the water as you relax and enjoy the sweet, nutty, intense aroma of almonds, honey, and oats reminiscent of marzipan and almond extract. This soap bar provides an Intense exfoliation due to the added crushed apricot.

Bitter Almond essential oil has very potent moisturizing properties. Since it is easily absorbed, it can deliver its high nutritional content deep within layers of the dermis to powerfully heal and nourish skin.

Sweet almond oil is an excellent emollient, locking moisture inside the skin.

Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to treat dry skin and remove dead skin cells.

Raw honey fights free radical damage and pollution with its antioxidant properties, and it is great for giving hydration to the skin.

A full list of all the ingredients is included in our packaged soap when purchased.

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