Life is a beach

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Its another lockdown day, and you dream about tropical paradise. Think Orange, Grapefruit & Sandalwood. This aroma is like a magic carpet, transporting you on a sensory journey to every tropical island on the globe.

Life is a beach soap bar is loaded with great oils and butters and produces a terrific bubbly, creamy lather for intense moisturization. This soap formula has it covered, with apricot shells for an intense exfoliation. Perfect for that much needed skin polish in summer.

Indian Sandalwood: Nourishes and regenerates’ dry skin.

Orange essential oil: Light, sweet aroma with soft citrus notes and is great for soothing dry skin.

Grapefruit essential oil: A green and fresh Sweet citrus aroma with fizzy citrus and fruity top notes.

Crushed apricot shell: The all natural body scrub to deep-clean, remove dead skin, and renew the skin. Apricot shells are a gentle yet effective way to smooth and polish the skin.

Shea butter: Highly nourishing, moisturizing, aids in the skin’s natural collagen production.

Avocado oil is one of our favorite oils at Mi&U. Not only is it loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, but It also provides intense moisturization, relieves inflammation, and can accelerate wound healing.

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