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A great everyday soap made with a Nettle & Horsetail herb olive oil infusion which has been used for centuries to relieve irritated skin. Its no wonder that this soap bar has phenomenal healing properties. Spearmint takes the spotlight with its calming aroma, but its also great for relieving itchy skin.

Stinging Nettle Has Some Serious Beauty Benefits as its jam packed with Vitamins C & D which can keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. Nettle has a natural ability to calm and soothe inflammation, which makes it the perfect choice for helping to reduce redness in dry skin. A great remedy for razor nicks too.

Horsetail promotes the healing of rashes, burns, and wounds by acting as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

Bentonite Clay: Absorbs and attracts particles, like dirt on your skin.

A full list of all the ingredients is included in our packaged soap when purchased.

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