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Christmas sale
starts 01 Dec 21!



In today's modern life, essential oils and natural products have never been more relevant. Simply put, MI&U are passionate about soap making. Our vision is to keep encouraging people to enjoy the healing benefits that aroma-therapeutic ingredients bring.

All of our soaps are made with pure essential oils. We also make a very limited range of soaps that are made with the finest fragrance oils to add beautiful aroma's where nature cannot replicate these scents in the form of essential oils.


We constantly define and develop new products; exploring the use of a wide range of natural ingredients and indigenous oils to treat various skin conditions; ultimately restoring the skins natural PH balance & glow.


Our handmade soaps are in small batches with the cold processed method.  The magic is in the 6-8 week curing time, the period of time before the soap is perfectly ready for use. We have regular shop updates when new products are added that are cured and ready for purchase.

Buying a bar of soap is not an expensive gift but giving it to someone is considered as fine extravagance. This is the divine experience that WE want YOU to experience in every single MI&U soap bar!



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